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FHG has an increasing number of local, community-based contract assignments ranging from 2 to 13 weeks, but if you want to combine your nursing profession with your passion for travel, FHG can help you find fascinating work and career prospects all across the country. Traveling nurses are routinely assigned on 13-week assignments that can take them from 100 to tens of thousands of kilometers away from home. 

TRAVEL opportunity

We’re excited to announce that we have registered nursing jobs in all 50 states! With the assistance of our support system, selecting a travel nurse will be simple. Your recruiter will work directly with you to find the perfect position and will be available to you at all times. A 24-hour phone line is available for assistance with housing or any other issues. On the job, a clinical liaison is also ready to support you. The compensation in the front lines is higher than normal.


If you don’t want to travel, but need regular hours, local contract nursing is a great choice. Local contract nursing with Accountable can offer more flexibility than working for a healthcare facility directly. Contracts are about 4-13 weeks long and include comprehensive benefits if you work 30-40 hours per week.


If you’re searching for the most freedom, local nursing is a terrific alternative.Our area nurses offer a choice of expanding options to select from, whether you’re in school, have a family, or simply want more independence.

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