Frontline believes that our caring culture results in measurable performance standards, capable of producing highest caliber and quality frontline healthcare workers. We always strive to live up to our partners, vendors, healthcare professionals, patients, and employee expectations.


FHG is dedicated to providing strategic, extraordinary, and outstanding services. We connect highly experienced and professional staffs to our client facilities in order to preserve professional quality of care and to assist patients meet and surpass their expectations. We provide services in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living, rehabilitation, hospice, home health care, independent living, retirement centers, recovery homes, and other skilled nursing facilities. Our purpose is to provide excellent services. The values we maintain include competence, equality, honesty, and professionalism. All of our services are tailored to our clients’ individual needs and requirements. We are dedicated to providing consistently high levels of patient satisfaction through outstanding service and long-term relationships. We ensure that our clients’ reputation is preserved by providing competent service.

We think a little differently from the normal staffing structure out there because we are Managed by Nurses. Our team members are Career Counselors, Mentors, and Friends that truly have your best interest in mind. The days of the middleman are over. We have direct relationships with most of our partners and plan to run numerous Managed Service Provider fulfillment centers across the Country. Work with knowledgeable agents that truly examine what is important to you in your Career Path. Money? Location? Benefits? All of the above? Throwing you to as many open positions as possible is a thing of the past, finding you the perfect fit is our goal.


Why Frontline?

• Pay Rates that Exceed Industry Averages!
• RNs earn a referral bonus (13 Week Contract)
• Weekly pay is one of the benefits.
• Excellent client service!
• Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you’re never alone!
• Quality Assurance team for any clinical training that may be required!
• Complimentary compliance team

Daisy Award

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